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Digital photo frame is the best way to show off your finest digital pictures!

Pictures are kind of memories, helping us remember, go back and experience the feelings we had. We all like to take pictures of people, places and significant moments such as birthdays, weddings, party, and family gatherings. As more and more photos are taken, especially while camera and photo both going digital, we all had countless films which might end up hiding in our shoe boxes under the bed, a few of them got printed and hanging on the walls, or thousands of digital photos which just littered our computer. But, one day when you want to see them all at a time, it will definitely become a mess when you do not have enough wall space, wooden picture frames to swap those photo prints in, or no enough digital screens to display all digital images. What can we do? As our photos go digital, why not go get a digital photo frame - which, ideally, is able to display all your favorite photographs digitally and help all of us enjoy all treasured memories.

32 inch FHD AD Digital Photo Frames
32 inch FHD AD Digital Photo Frames EOOKE

  • 32 inch Full HD LED panel.
    Schedule of Play: Play designated files at designated times.
  • Power timer, auto off on.
  • Most popular item.
  • Wall mounted.
US$ 1079US$899
$180 or more!
22 inch digital photo frame
22 inch digital photo frame EOOKE

  • Brilliant 21.5 inch LED.
  • Trueblack Engine.
  • Sleek, aesthetically impressive, easy to use.
  • 1080P H.264,Rmvb,AVI, Dvix , Xvid ,Mpeg4.
  • Memory card protector.
US$ 551US$459
$92 or more!
42 inch advertising Digital Picture Frame
42 inch advertising Digital Picture Frame EOOKE

  • 42 inch 1080P FHD LED
    Larger screen, higher recall, more attractive.
  • Power timer, auto off on.
  • Schedule playing FHD video, music, sidleshow.
  • Easy to install, update.
US$ 1679US$1399
$280 or more!
Infrared sensing digital picture frames
Infrared sensing digital picture frames EOOKE

  • Embed Infrared Sensor
  • Sensing and detect motion, automatically turn itself on, run corresponding video, slideshow, music.
  • Delayed Shutdown Timer
US$ 155US$129
$26 or more!
19 inch electronic photo frames
19 inch electronic photo frames EOOKE

  • 19 inch Non-widescreen.
  • 4:3, unique model.
  • Slide countless images and playback including 720P Avi and MPEG and also MP3.
  • Gloss piano finish.
US$ 443US$369
$74 or more!
22 inch Full HD LED Advertising Digital Frames
22 inch Full HD LED Advertising Digital Frames EOOKE

  • The Full HD 22” Digital Advertising screen has an integrated Full HD media player that automatically play media file or play on schedule .
  • It accepts up to USB flash drive and SD memory card.
US$ 599US$499
$100 or more!

Contrary to the static traditional picture frames, the digital one has much more advantages:

  • No longer do photographs need to be printed to be displayed, it can display digital pictures instead of old-fashion printed photos, which is a great way to save on picture paper, printing costs and help protect the environment to go green;
  • With one centrally located one big HD LED or LCD frame, you can rotate dozens or even hundreds of photos in slideshow, instead of displaying a single image all the time, which also saves in a lot of wall space when you have an abundance of large personal pics to hang;
  • It is easy to use, all you need is simply is clicking and dragging digital photos to your frame from the devices like computer, tablet, or Smartphone via usb cable or streaming pictures from them if you have a wireless capable. Or you can just copy those photos to your memory card, usb drive then plug them into the digital picture frames.
  • At last, get yourself a cup of coffee as the slide show presentation will automatically start and loop. By the way, do not forget to scan all your old printed photos from closet turn them into digital files.

What are electronic digital picture frames and AD digital photo frames?

As it is well known, a electronic picture frame not only lets you view numerous photos but offers so many features. You can run a slideshow of the photos. You can easily view them in an order. Though the electronic photo frames has no storage options, you can use USB devices and SD cards to view the photos and videos. Using the USB devices, you can also watch movies. You can connect speakers to the frames and enjoy the movies in the same clarity as you do in a television or a computer screen. You can also get the photo frames in various sizes.

Unlike the conventional electronic frames, the advertising digital frames is designed for commercial advertising purpose. It works as a dynamic digital ad display that automatically turn itself on and slides constantly changing images file, playback video clips, display rolling text based on the special time or order that you set. It is way more exciting than a cheaper digital photo frame that need to turn on and off manually and only shows a show images with background music.

Further more, AD frame can be widely used in museums, banks, show rooms, elevator, supermarket, and retail stores for business purposes like place making, exhibitions, public marketing and indoor advertisingAdvertising digital frame screen application filed.

What is the difference?

Regular digital frames is cheaper, it consist of Lcd screen and media player. It is designed to display your photos and/or videos over and over again. It neither able to help navigating your store and showroom, nor help finding relevant goods.

The components of a typical AD digital frames include LED matrix display, HD media players, Power timer and scheduler, content management and distribution system. It is programmable so that is able able to deliver the targeted digital media messages (including videos/pictures and also up-to-dated scrolling text) at the set time to the specific locations and consumers. I think no biz owner or advertiser will argue the benefit of being able to push the right product/service/rolling promotional (subtitle) information at the right time in slideshow (dynamic images), videos or as compared to the traditional method using static displays that cannot be tracked or do not allow views to interact directly with what they see.