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How to display PowerPoint presentation on a Digital Frame


PowerPoint utilizes both audio and dynamic technique is an excellent platform/program to use in developing effect presentation for promoting your biz or yourself. It is visually appealing and is relatively easy to create.  PowerPoint presentations are visually appealing and are relatively easy to create and they make complex concepts easier to understand, use graphics that illustrate the text in highlight and emphasize key points.


As we all know, digital frame only accepts and present JPEG/JPG files in either portrait or landscape orientations in full screen from the external storage device or internal memory. They don’t accept PowerPoint therefore it can not read “.ppt” format file. It seems like there’s no way to display your ppt presentation on the frame?


Don’t worry, there is an alternative way to get it done — Converting PowerPoint slides into individual JPEG files in the right aspect ratio and then send the JPG files to the frame. In PowerPoint 2007 and newer version, it’s as easy as doing a “save as” and selecting JPG as the desired format. If you are running an older version such as PowerPoint 2003 which doesn’t support  “save as” capability, you can also use PowerPoint Image Copier to convert the ppt file to image you like.


You can easily to save PowerPoint as a JPEG when you use the “Save As” command, please follow steps below:


Step 1: Once you have finished your PowerPoint Slideshow, then click on “File” – “save as” - 'Other Formats'. Then you will have an option to save as JPEG.. Click the dropdown arrow and scroll down the list of file formats and choose a picture type “.jpg”. The program will then ask if you just want the current slide or all of them saved. You need to check “all of them” as we need to display all of them on the frame.


Step 2: The most important step: Rename all the jpeg images and copy them to the USB drive/memory card with a Numerical (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.), Alphabetical (e.g. a, b, c , d, etc.) sequence. That is because most of digital photo frame will play media files by numerical/alphabetical order or by copy date in ascending order.


Step 3: Adjust the interval time of the frame so as to meet the duration of each slide settled when making the PowerPoint.  

 digital frame interval timer

Step 4: With the jpg images loaded onto the frame, place the Digital Photo Frame in a strategic location in your work environment or mount it to the wall of your store/showrom. Activate the Motion Sensor (if applicable, see Motion Sensor digital picture frame here ).  When customers or viewers approach, the frame will turn on and play automatically.

Btw, baring the jpeg image, you can also use software to convert your PowerPoint file to avi/wmv/mpg video, then copy it to and play it on your frame. Please make sure the resolution of  and the format the video meet the requirement of the frame, because some will not support resolution bigger than 720*576 and not all of them support mp4/rmvb format.

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  • Anonymous user ( 2016-02-23 05:13:51 )

    Worked perfect for me. Had to use help function to understand how to save powerpoint as a jpeg though.

    Glad it helps.

  • Anonymous user ( 2014-08-24 13:21:41 )

    Gracie, please read this and see if you can change PP into a JPEG as suggested above. I hope we can get this to work on a digital pic from for grandma. I tried it on mine but won't work.
    Let me know.

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