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What is Digital Photo Frames


The newest technological advance in photo imagery is one that has offered something to consumer they’ve never be able to do before; display their photographs from family trips or family gatherings or even weddings in a digital slide show viewable at any time. However, with this wonderful new technology, the opportunities do not stop there. Not only will you easily be able to put your photos on display for all to see, a digital photo frame can be a unique and easily affordable business promoter as well.  

Digital photo frames also called electronic picture frame allow you to create a slide show of pictures and displays multiple digital photos in varying orientations  or playback video clips that can be viewed from one screen. The pictures and videos can be updated and altered easily from USB disk or memory card, so you can constantly update them. The best part about them is that they do not take up much space as the traditonal frame, so they are ideal for small homes, your decorative cubicle or your desk at work!

The frames may include physical buttons, e.g."Play", "Stop", "Next" to control basic features. They are typically larger than smart phones or Tablet computer at 7 inches (18 cm) or larger.


  • High-definition, 7" or larger display
  • PCB including accelerator (cpu | GPU) and internal storage.
  • An acrylic glass and plastic or metal housing to protect the screen
  • Lower weight and longer battery life than a comparably-sized laptop


  • Media player function including video playback
  • Power timer
  • Playlist editor

Shapes :

Digital photo frames are generally square or rectangular, though butterfly shaped, heart-shaped and oval frames are not common. Frames in more unusual shapesare usually intended for different occation, such as heart-shaped frames for wedding party.

butterfly shaped digital photo frame.

Usage :

Usually, it's a gift for home but it's used by businesses has jumped in recent years, as business have started to use them for Point of sale display, events and trade shows.

More info on digital photo frame can be found on Wikipedia, please click to read. 



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