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How to use the frame correctly.


Before you can even consider using a digital photo frame for business, you need to understand just how it works. For one, you will not be able to simply turn on the photo frame and expect that it automatically has your photos on it. It would be nice, but things just do not work this way. In order for you to use your digital frame to stream your photos, you have to put pictures on it. And in order to do this, you will need one of two things.

Different digital frames work in different ways. Some large digital photo frame offerings give you the opportunity to add tons of pictures to your frame and stream them endlessly. This is because these frames rely on SD cards. An SD card is a small chip that works very much like a storage facility for your photographs. The difference is, with an SD card you can easily delete photos, arrange them and choose different options. If you own a digital camera, chances are you already have an SD card. The best part about this is that these large digital photo frames will allow you to take the SD card from your camera and simply plug it right in to an SD card slot on the back of the frame. This means you can literally take your pictures right from your camera and stick them on to your digital photo frame for all of your friends, family or business associates to see. The problem with this, however, is that the frame will cycle through literally every single one of the pictures on your SD card, meaning that if you do not want to see specific pictures, you will have to delete them. After they are deleted, the pictures will be gone for good, so you should always make sure that you back up the files on your computer.

The second type of digital photo frame functions with a USB flash drive. Many prefer these types of digital frames because they have complete control of which photos are displayed on their frame. A USB flash drive is, to all intents and purposes, a miniature hard disk drive. To put pictures on to the USB flash drive, you must plug it in to your computer. Then, you have to select the picture files that you want to watch on your digital frame. You add them to the USB flash drive, then plug the flash drive in to the back of the digital photo frame. From there all you have to do (usually) is access the menu on the frame, using the remote that came with it, and choose the folder on the flash drive and you are good to go!

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