A great way to display your photos

Do you have a lot of digital pictures taken with your digital camera that you do not know what to do with?  Are you having trouble finding a proper way to display them? Do you only transfer those photos to your computer from your camera and view them there or just burn them to a CD/DVD then view them on your TV? As we all know, photos can be very precious to all of us; they are snapshots of moments in time that will most likely not happen again. As a result, photos are the only link you have to those precious moments. Therefore, if you need a great way to display your photos then you ought to try using a HD digital photo frame. It is a great way to display your family photos, vacation photos, graduation photos, or any other type of photos.

Using a HD digital photo frame is not very complicated or time-consuming, it’s easy and very soon you’ll be able to use it with your eyes closed. No software required, simply copy the media files from your computer to memory card or flash drive and then insert it to the frame (see picture below)


Memory card and USB port of HD digital photo frame

memory card inserted to the frame

You can also connect the frame to the computer with the supplied USB cable and then sync it to the computer and upload your digital photos to the HD frame. Afterwards, turn on the frame and you are done. Of course, you can change the interval time or slide effect setting you want. The HD digital photo frame will change photos every so often. How often it changes depends on how you program it to change and are only up to your personal taste!  More than that, HD photo frame can play full HD video such as mp4, avi, mpeg, mpg, mov, asf, divx, xvid formatted files.

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