Will tablets replace the frames?

Digital picture frame, which is photo-focused and basically slide your photo, used to be a fantastic gadget to have in your home, front desk, but now it seems to be a thing of past – not only because indeed a pain to use for many people, requiring them to copy photos over from the laptop or a memory card but also you can pick up a sub $80 android tablet or Padphone and install apps like Photo Alive! on it and you have an instant wifi high end picture frame.

Recent years, the industry has been going through many changes, all famous electronic companies such as Sony and Samsung have all either limited the production of the frames or ceased producing them entirely. And the digital frame market has been stomped and it is partly in transition to smarter Android devices and the market is toward more touch and functional devices. Tablets and pad will not entirely replace frames, at least not these years, because a survey showed 30 percentages of households owned digital picture frames compared to 20 percentages a year before.

As we all know, the tablets are just for the tech-savvy or the young, your grand mom or grandpa do not know of the apps mentioned above, and most of them can not setup a network connection on the tablet to display photos from your online photo account, which you’ll have to subscribe and pay many $$$$ every month. It will be frustrated that if you have to keep telling your parent that “”Dad, you just have to connect the tablet to internet, download the app and install and then log into that account, download the photos, configure this and do that…blah blah”.

Do digital photo frames have a place in the world except as a gift? Does anybody even want one, does it still make sense to get one?

The answer is absolutely yes. The large format digital photo frame (here we say 15 inch or larger) joining HD LED screens and professional signage system in displays, consolidating the numerous media and messages into one place as advertising screen to capture the interest of potential customers for businesses will help entice customers to make purchases and create more sales in any market place.

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