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How to Frame Prints

Framing prints is a method used for creating pictures from photographs. The frame provides a decorative, protective barrier between the picture and the viewer. Frames have varied shapes and sizes.

The kind of material used to make the frame and how the frame is hung will have a major effect on the quality of the picture. If a well-made quality of picture is desired, then it should be framed with high quality materials. The picture should be protected from any kind of moisture.

Types of Frames to Choose From

There are various types of framing materials that one can use. One can use wood, acrylic, aluminum and fiberglass. There are other materials like vinyl, linen, glass and metal. The most common type of framing material used to protect a picture is wood.

Wood is considered to be the best type of material to use for framing a picture. It provides good protection for the picture and it is easy to maintain. The color of the wood also makes it look more beautiful and attractive.

The type of wood used to build the frame depends on the picture. If the picture has more detailed lines or shapes then wood is the best type of material. However, the size of the frame depends on the length of the picture. Framing prints on canvas is a very popular type of pictures.

Canvas is very flexible and very light. The picture can be stretched to the desired size. The color of the canvas is very important. It must be made of an acid free paper that does not leave any impression of paint or ink. The corners of the canvas should also be well cut so that they do not get damaged.

The canvas must be folded carefully and kept in a proper place. Before hanging the picture, it must be first oiled by using a towel dipped in oil. It is better to hang the canvas from a stand that has sturdy, thin legs.

Choosing the Right Sized Frame

The size of the stand or the frame must be adjusted to fit the picture. The stand must be level so that the picture is not distorted. If the frame is too small, then the picture will look distorted. It is recommended to get two or three stands to use when framing pictures.

The type of material used to make the frame will depend on the color of the paper. White is the best type of paper to use for framing a picture. The paper should be of a high quality. Even a small difference in the color of the paper can make the picture look distorted.

Another disadvantage of using white paper is that it can create shadows in the picture. It is best to use black and white paper for framing prints.

The size of the frame depends on the size of the picture. A really large frame is not needed if the picture is really small. Framing prints on canvas is a good option because it can accommodate even the largest canvas in a small frame.

The frame should be well-made of good quality material. The frame should be thick so that it protects the picture from scratches. The frame should be able to hold the canvas without any difficulty.