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Benefits of VoIP Phone Services for Small Business

VoIP Phones are phones which support voice over internet protocol (VoIP). VoIP is a generic term for any system that transmits voice over the internet, including SIP, OTT VoIP, and hybrid systems. A VoIP telephone or IP phone uses digital voice over IP technology for placing and receiving phone calls over an IP network, like the Internet. It is generally much cheaper than conventional telephone service.

In order to make phone calls from a VoIP Phone to a regular telephone,

an IP address, and port configuration must be correctly entered into the call setup or call menu. This configuration must be done for each voice service provider. VoIP phones usually come with their own dedicated server and router, which allow them to have their own private IP networks. VoIP providers can also configure their own interfaces to connect with regular internet telephony servers.

One of the key differences that distinguish top phones from other desk phones is the availability of downloadable applications from third party application vendors on the phone itself. The most common application is the SMS gateway application, which allows an existing SMS program on the phone to send messages to a hosted server. Other popular applications include web and game portals, video conferencing, and instant messaging. There are other less common applications as well, but these tend to be the more functional ones.

In addition to the capability to receive and send messages as well as to use other third-party applications, another difference between VoIP Phones and conventional ones is the hardware specifications. In general, VOIP phones use the same keypad as landline phones. In some cases, however, the keypad and screen are smaller than those found on typical mobile phones. This has the effect of making it more difficult to type text messages and to do simple office-style office tasks like entering data. In general, VOIP phones use the same keypad as landline phones.

As far as the technology itself goes, VOIP Phones uses the same technologies as a typical mobile phone system.

The difference comes in the form of an internet connection. In a traditional phone system, a phone company owns and operates the equipment necessary to make calls. Once these phones are bought and paid for, they are left to serve customers until the end of the service contract. In a VoIP phone system, a service provider owns the entire equipment and maintains the connection between the customer and the equipment. Instead of being tied to a specific phone company, subscribers can instead utilize any internet connection that they prefer.

Because the VOIP technology handles all calls between the devices and the internet connection, it is much less susceptible to outages or interruptions caused by a broken line. If an individual in the area uses a high speed internet connection, then it will be much faster than it would be if they were still using a standard telephone network. This means that in the event of a call being answered by a standard telephone network, the answering service may have to pause the call and then resume once the internet connection is restored. With VOIP Phones, the customer will never experience this problem, because there is no telephone network involved.

A second benefit is the ease with which an individual can switch their current telephone number over to a VoIP Phones. Those who currently use regular phones may find that they are receiving a large number of unsolicited phone calls. Many individuals even receive prank calls on a regular basis. To put a stop to this type of prankster activity, all that is required is for an individual to change their number over to a VoIP Phones. From there, anyone can then take the number that they have been assigned and call them from a different location or from anywhere in the world.

As previously stated, there are many benefits to switching over to an IP phone system.

  • Although these benefits are mainly found with regards to being able to make phone calls with a voice calling application through a computer, the same principles of using VoIP Phones will also work for those who use traditional phones.
  • However, most consumers will not want to change their current phone company just to take advantage of this application.
  • Therefore, the best way to gain the most out of the new technology is to simply make phone calls from the computer to the IP phone and from there, select which company you wish to use to make your phone calls.