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How your framing business can benefit from Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an application line of subscription-based services from Microsoft as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. These services provide users with professional office applications, while empowering them to access shared documents and work even while on the move. This is done through the cloud infrastructure provided by Microsoft, and this helps to streamline workflow and make business communication more streamlined. These services also provide IT support to ensure that users’ concerns and issues are addressed promptly. Such IT support can be obtained from third party companies who offer Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft 365 consists of four products:

One SharePoint Online, Two Microsoft Office applications (exceptionally useful for managers), One-Windows Server (for mail, contacts, and calendar), and One Great Plains Software Desktop. All of these applications are available for free download. With the introduction of each of these suites, two additional membership plans were also introduced. The most recent of these two membership plans, known as the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) was introduced in October 2021.

As part of the suite, Microsoft Office 365 MBS offers four great features for small and medium-sized businesses: Microsoft Teams for business collaboration, Intuitive Calendar for manageability and scheduling, Microsoft Business Platform for integration with external systems, and Microsoft Office Online for document collaboration and editing. With the help of Microsoft Business Solutions, employees can collaborate on projects, communicate with customers, and take up administrative actions all from the office itself. In this way, the workflow can be made smoother, and tasks can be assigned more easily. If the business manager decides to go for an outsourcing for certain functions, he can delegate these works to experts from outside the company and still enjoy the benefits of using Microsoft Office online.

One of the most popular Microsoft Office 365 applications is Microsoft Office Online.

This is a suite of productivity applications, designed especially for small businesses. It offers basic features that any regular Word or Excel file can do, allowing users to work on more advanced tasks without needing to use specialized software. To date, this is the suite of Microsoft Office solutions that has acquired the maximum number of positive reviews from customers.

Microsoft Office 365 MBS is the mid-range offering in the Microsoft Office suite, aimed at mid-size to larger organizations. It comes with features similar to those of the free Office apps, but with the added advantage of being cloud-based. With the cloud service, users have access to a range of tools, including Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, WordPress, and other Office applications that are not installed on the user’s machine. The cloud services are available for any employee who is authorized by their company to use these apps, regardless of their location or device type. Therefore, while the user does not have to install anything on his machine, he does not lose any important data or information because the application does not require physical storage.

Active Directory management is one of the biggest advantages of using Microsoft Office 365 service, especially for businesses that have several departments and employees working remotely. When an employee is moved to a new departmental office, he still needs to set up a new Active Directory account. However, with the 365 service, he can sign in from any internet connection, since the service uses a web browser to log the user in, as opposed to the traditional Active Directory setup that required installing the Active Directory server on each PC that was going to be used for the account. This ensures that the employee will be able to sign in from any computer that has an active email account, even if his workstation is located thousands of miles away from his office.

Yammer is another of the Microsoft Office 365 applications that gained a lot of popularity with its recent release. Users love the streamlined, simplified layout of Yammer, making it easy to organize messages and information in a neat manner. The interface of Yammer, which looks like a new version of Twitter, allows users to customize their stream of updates by adding a variety of features such as filters for the search, replies, favorites, and direct messages. The best part about using the Microsoft Office Yammer suite is that it integrates well with other Microsoft Office applications, allowing information from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to be imported into the new single sign-on page.

These are just three of the new Microsoft Office applications that were released in the previous year, and while none of them are extremely groundbreaking, they do help Microsoft gain a foothold in the email service market.

  • With the integration of these productivity applications, the SharePoint business platform becomes even more valuable to companies that need an integrated approach to business communication.
  • Microsoft also wants to make it easier for business people to collaborate effectively via the SharePoint online forum, so users can share tips, and tricks as well as get the support they need from coworkers.
  • The introduction of these new Microsoft Office apps and the partnership with SharePoint make Microsoft’s email service even more useful to small business owners, which makes the corporation even more profitable.