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Do You Need Managed Wifi?

Managed WiFi is basically a business solution which allows an enterprise to outsource the various tasks involved in setting up, securing, maintaining, configuring, maintaining and tuning a WiFi network to an external third-party vendor. Basically it is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to the traditional WiFi methods used by enterprises. Managed WiFi vendors will offer your enterprise with a comprehensive solution for managing your enterprise’s WiFi networks. They will take the hassle out of WiFi by offering you highly-customized solutions for all of your WiFi requirements. This includes hardware, software, WEP & encryption. The solution will work seamlessly with any of the major vendors such as Comodo, AT&T, Verizon, Linksys, etc.

In today’s competitive market, every enterprise needs a highly customized managed WiFi service in order to remain ahead of their competition. By outsourcing your WiFi needs to a managed WiFi vendor, you can free up your valuable resources to increase your profit margins. By freeing up your time and reducing the expenses associated with maintaining your current network configuration, you’ll be able to focus on other areas within your organization. Here are some of the main benefits of opting to work with a managed WiFi vendor:

Managed WiFi solutions are highly scalable, allowing an enterprise to easily adjust the bandwidth limits they need to best serve their customers. Many managed WiFi vendors offer hundreds of different configurations to choose from, each tailored to your exact location and business needs. Once a managed WiFi vendor has been selected, installation is fast and easy. Many manage WiFi vendors offer a free 30-day trial to get you started. This gives you the opportunity to experience the ease of managing a wireless network without any long-term commitment.

A managed WiFi system allows you to tap into the company’s IT resources for support and maintenance. A professional service provider will handle all aspects of your network needs, including installation, hardware and software upgrades, security, and configuration. The service provider will ensure that your managed WiFi system is set up to meet your specific business goals and objectives. You will have access to the latest in wireless technology and wireless network news, giving you cutting-edge technology to give your customers the service and support they expect.

Managed WiFi providers offer several options for connecting to the outside world.

Multiple access points are a common feature of most managed WiFi systems, providing your customers with a fast and convenient way to connect to the internet. You may also choose a dedicated uninterruptible copper line connection, or a cloud-based service that allows multiple access points for as many devices as possible. With a cloud-based service, clients don’t need to keep track of multiple WAN IP addresses. Clients can connect to a service at any time, even if they are traveling abroad.

Managed WiFi providers often have an array of equipment to choose from.

Your service provider can help you determine the best solution for your business, giving you the option of purchasing wholesale or refurbished hardware and software. Hardware is typically simple to install, but software must be installed only when your system is purchased. New software can be managed using automatic updates through the browser, saving you the task of remembering to install new applications. Cloud-based services also allow for automatic updates and provisioning of new software, ensuring your system remains optimized and running smoothly.

A managed WiFi system allows your employees to access the internet with a variety of devices, giving them more mobility and functionality. By installing additional wiring between the WAN and LAN offices, employees can now have access to their laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices without disrupting the primary WAN connection. This eliminates the need for them to bring a personal computer to each site, or risk being caught in a bad location. A managed access point offers businesses instant online connectivity, making it easy for employees to update internally or with the company website.

  • When choosing a managed WiFi provider, you want to make sure that they offer a fair price for a reliable WAN connection.
  • A good provider should offer a reasonable price and quality managed wifi security.
  • They should also offer secure servers for WAN and LAN connections.
  • Some companies may offer free installation and monthly maintenance plans, which can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.
  • Finding the right managed WiFi provider for your business will provide you with an affordable, high quality option for improving your businesses online connectivity and assisting your employees with their personal devices.